Unleash the Power of Cannabis
Elevate Your Brand with Cutting-Edge Packaging Solutions!


Our company aims to provide top quality custom Wholesale packaging to the Cannabis industry which will help increase your companies bottom line.

We have factories that will create specialized moulds according to your dielines, and we will match or surpass the quality of your current packaging at a lower cost.

We do have a higher MOQ (Mininmum Order Quantity) than some of our competitors, but you will receive better pricing in return. We aim to have a 50,000 piece MOQ for each design that we will be printing which allows us to waive the mould cost for the customer and make sure transport prices will be stay low.

*For exmample if you are ordering custom bags or boxes we require 50,000 of each unique box design or bag design.


Some of the packaging types we specialize in are:

- Customized Concentrate Boxes *(We have a concentrate box + jar bundle service where we can use our dieline with your artwork to fit the jar perfectly that we supply as well)

- Customized Mylar Bags for edibles, vape carts, etc. (Done according to your dielines and samples you send us)

- Glass Concentrate Jars with Child Proof lids. 9ml 38mm Lids, which are great for 1g of Wax or Shatter. *Glass concentrate Jars with Lids will be made available domestically in the USA for quick delivery upon order.

- 510 Thread 1ml Vape Cartridges Min Order 50,000 (Pricing starts at $0.80 and wholesale pricing for larger orders)

*Durable & Cost Effective
*Mouth Piece + Oil Tank = Polycarbonate
*Lead Free
*Press On
*Outter Diameter
*Barrel Shape mouth piece
*Center Post/Tube = Lead-free Copper 100% heavy metal passing

shipping method

We have different shipping methods available which come in a variety of speeds and prices:

Shipping Methods (Most budget friendly to fastest)

- Sea Shipping (50-60 day)
- Sea Shipping (25-30 day)
- Sea Shipping Expedited (14-21 days)
*Depending on where your business is located there can be an additional 3-5 days for land transport when the ship arrives at the port.

- Air Shipping (10-12 days)

*For large orders we can mix and match shipping methods to help keep the overall cost down for the customer. (Ex: half order 60 day Sea Shipping + half order Air Shipping) etc

We want to create a lasting relationship with our customers and be able to provide packaging to them far into the future. First orders for customized packaging usually take about 2 weeks longer than future orders since we create custom moulds for each design which will be kept for future orders.

Future orders will go straight to Print -> Quality Control -> Shipping


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